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What is the best online poker room?

edited April 2014 in Casino Games
My question is actually in two parts. And what I mean by "best online poker room," I'm asking about what is the best overall and which has the most credibility. 

1) From what I've read, PokerStars is the best, with Full Tilt coming in second. 

2) Is it worth playing online at all, considering the fact that a lot of people play using bots and other programs to give them a stronger advantage? 

The biggest concern I have about playing online is whether or not it will help improve my game, considering you obviously can't see the players faces or study their body language. I've been doing very well at poker rooms in Vegas this past year, but I don't live there and I'm not ready to quit my job and go professional until I at least make it to the final round of a major tournament. But it would be nice to be able to practice with other serious players when not in Vegas. 

I've been a bit technophobic when it comes to this sort of thing, but if it really does help improve one's game and strategy at brick-and-mortar tournaments, I suppose it's worth a shot.


  • johntangjohntang ·Gambler
    @ovinovin7 nice questions, I think your question is the most common questions the the players who's are playing at a poker room. Poker Stars and Full Tilt are the best choice, and on the tournament will no seen the player's faces anymore, so we sure the players do not know what the hell is going on their poker games. But when the poker rooms have launched, it must comply with multiple standards including anti-fraud, hack, random standard, or using another program meddle to change the game, when the system is detected it will be block permanently, and sure the poker room will be supervised by the law as place register license.
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