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Welcome to Porwin

johntangjohntang ·Gambler
edited January 2014 in Introduce Yourself

Welcome to Porwin Community :)

My name John, I'm an Administrator for this community, take your time to read this if this is a first time you're visiting our site.
I so happy when you're interested with our site, and take your time to sign up on our online gambler community. We appreciate your adherence and welcome all members in the world.

If you loved gamble, don't hesitate to join in this community, we together improving and upgrade daily by your posts. We share about topics, tips, experiences for online gamblers together, thus we can choose a good online casino, then play it with low risk.

Addition, if you have problems with the online casino that you played, put it on our community, we can help you resolve it.
In the future, we can add many functions including members can get a gift either can earn money from their posts, here are an award to boost morale our members. I promised.

Have a nice day



  • Don't hesitate to share about you :) - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • Four44Four44 ·Lurker

    Hi there Earth Worms,

    Not much to tell really, but interested in what you might have to say!!.

    I love to read the comments you make in regards to different Casino sites and I find myself scouring as much information as I can on how to tame the wild Casino beast.

    So far, I think I have a play system worked out, and have managed a few wins. No withdrawal as yet coz im reading a lot about so many sites that don't / won't pay out, so a bit hesitant.

    I am very much joined to the hip of my lap top, so say Hi.

  • johntangjohntang ·Gambler
    Great @Four44, welcome to PORWIN :) - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • Four44Four44 ·Lurker

    SO @johntang,

    Are we a chatty lot ? or do we find it hard to maintain due to time and date differences?

    I don't want to look like a silly chatting away to

  • yaproyapro ·Lurker
    Hello! I am new here, call me yapro! I am played in hundreds of online casinos, and have a lot of experience to share, and would be happy to share it with someone here. But unfortunately looks like there is not so many members currently :( Sick, this looks like a good website!
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