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$3 Every published review - Guaranteed

johntangjohntang ·Gambler
edited June 2015 in Announcements

2 years our site live on the Internet, we are now giving an opportunity to all PORWIN's member can earn through their contributions. Just $3 for every published review on the casino review of our casino listed. 

Through our casino news,, we are again noticeably you can earn unlimited, it depends how much money you will earn.

How it works:
  1. Choose the casino from our casino directory.
  2. Write a short review.
  3. Post the link of the review to this thread for our tracking.
  4. Your money will be credited to the next month via Skrill or Paypal.
Please node with our Terms and Conditions:
  • The review must be written by your own experience at the casino.
  • It must contain at least 400 words for sure you're not a spammer.
  • Please write grammatically correct English.
  • Payments will be transferred until the 15th day of the month for the sum of content written in the previous month.
  • Do not copy the content from other websites, we hate it. If you violate, we force you must stop participating in this competition.
This offer has expired.


  • johntangjohntang ·Gambler
    @Inva5or we received your first review on Club Player Casino, and we approved it. So thanks for your efforts, please send a PM for your Skrill account, then we can pay your $3 instantly. :) - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker
    Sounds good, i hope this is not some sort of scam :(
  • It's not scam @yapro, welcome to PORWIN. - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker

    Wow, nice to see you here John :) When you will check my review and tell me is i did good or not?

    P.S. sent you message on facebook and email, yes i could be annoying :P

  • Hi Yapro,

    We saw your post on reviews, but at the moment please write a quality review for the casino, and read the requirements here:

    We got a lot of reviews like your quotes, and we decide not approve them, however, we will review again for qualify post, and just make the payment for published reviews

    John - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker

    How many my review are ok, how many no? I read all rules before started, and looks like all my reviews should be qualified since:

    -more than 500 characters

    -on english language

    -does not copied(my own experience)

  • Hi yapro,

    Thanks for your efforts, We got something from your review:

    Club world casino is an real time gaming casino, like i said in other reviews this is not my favorite software at all, but when i want to play real time gaming casinos - most likely i did it at club world casino or any other sister casino. This is good group and good casino, customer support is available 24/7, and always very friendly and nice. Withdrawals are paid really quickly for real time gaming casinos - usually after requesting withdrawal on skrill on next working day i get paid. Bonuses are big and awesome, including no deposit bonuses. 5 stars, this is best RTG casino!

    Please attention that Club World Casino is the casino have many complaints from the players, poor in support and they're always delay the payment, so we don't rate high this casino, regarding to your review, we decide unpublished.

    John - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker

    all unpublished? :)

    Club world is best online casino with RTG software, my experience was good.

  • yaproyapro ·Lurker
    edited October 2014
    And you changed term to 400 words. Funny, why you do this? ":(
  • Our team is 500 words, on this post I mistaken with 500 characters, I have been changed to 400 words, you can review again if meet our requirement.

    You can view the page cache from the Google: - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • Ok, We published your review from:, please inbox me your Skrill account, we will pay $3 instantly. - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker

    But i just made 20 reviews, following your rules... Your mistake is your mistake John, i spent some time on reviews, and all my reviews was honest and based on my experience.

    Let's make a deal, pay me for 10 reviews(half) and then there is no any problem?

  • This is not a buying and selling, @yapro. We promote this program for contributions between the members with PORWIN, so we appreciate the qualify of the review with the casino. Please note all your reviews is not meet our requirement, BUT we still pay INSTANTLY for your effort. Not much more! And we just publish one your review and all other will be deleted from PORWIN.

    Thanks. John - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • yaproyapro ·Lurker

    Hm, i did everything right and followed your rules, even offer you a deal.

    You can't just delete my reviews because your terms had mistake.

    Tommorow i will create threads at GPWA and AGD and describe my story. No damage for you, but at least people will know how you deal with visitors.


  • welcome, yapro :) - Best Online Casino Bonuses
  • @helena_kp send me your Skrill or Neteller email account, we pay your $3 earning from the review:

    Thank you. - Best Online Casino Bonuses
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