Online casinos have been popular this century. These allow the gamblers around the world to play the games with comfort at their own home. They are free to set their bet, set their time, and set their game. Without any hassle, they can play without worrying about the opening and closing hour of the online casino sites.

With a lot of advantages of playing online casinos, there is one element that is irreplaceable. People love to interact with other players. The interesting experiences of having conversations between player and dealer is irreplaceable. Perhaps some also expect the real environment which perform such gambling things like chips clicking on the table, the rolling ball on the Roullete machine, and others.

Live Dealer Casinos

But still, technology can answer that. The internet has provided everything for netters. And it comes up with the remarkable concept: live casinos. The casinos provide the real interaction and environment without requiring you visiting the physical facility. You don't even need to have long drive to reach the location. All is done online!

The live dealer casinos provide the platform which everyone can see through the internet. A real live video feed is streamed directly to your PC or laptop from an actual casino. Unlike the software games or animation, it straightly show you what's happening in the land based casino. The live dealer casinos provide all gambling games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Table Poker. By using this facility, you will have a "peace of mind" and not afraid to get cheated by dealers. The live dealer gets the card from the real deck, the ball is rolling on the physical roulette device so you can lively see the actual activity there.

Live Casinos Recommended

Live Casino at Bet365 Casino

Live dealers make in contact with players much the same way as in physical casino. If you are looking for more conversation and interaction with the dealer straightly from the studio feed, this is a wiser choice. But if you only want to focus on the game with "peace of mind" not getting cheated, a video feed from a land-based casino will be the right solution for you.

Check out the our list to see the decent reviews on the best live dealer casinos. This can be your guide to find the perfect place to invest your money. But first of all, make sure that you have good internet connection, proper graphic and sound card. Check your internet connection so that you are ready for the game!