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ASA Bans Online Casino's Ad for Being Irresponsible

09 Jul, 2017 - 22:47 by johntang

It seems another advert for the gambling industry has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This time it's an ad from online casino 21.co.uk. The UK advertising watchdog has declared it inappropriate for "over-emphasizing" the importance of strategy in Blackjack.

The offending 30-second ad shows a prestigious-looking gentleman in a tuxedo, sitting at a blackjack table, shuffling 21.co.uk betting chips in his hand as he debates his next play. All the while, a voiceover says:

"His heart is pounding. His body is still. He shuffles his chips as he thinks. Heart versus head. Emotion versus reason. He makes his move. He makes his own luck.”  

It was the "He makes his own luck" line that really put a bad taste in the mouth of the authority, which found the line suggested that skill could trump chance in gambling.

However, the online casino argued in the defence of its ad that the line was meant to express "positive impact of practice on a player's chance of success."

In spite of the argument, the ASA didn't back down and ruled the advert to be "socially irresponsible" and banned it from ever appearing again in its current format. The watchdog also recommended that the casino operator refrain from over-emphasizing the role of strategy in future marketing efforts.

21.co.uk isn't the only one in the ASA's bad books. Only last month, the UK gambling charity, Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT), came under fire from the authority for its gambling addiction awareness ad that the ASA considered to be offensive.