Coming Up – South Park: Reel Chaos Slots

18 Sep, 2014 - 15:46 by johntang

Dear, folks! Good news for big fans of South park. Though the new game is not even officially launched yet, I would tell you that it is a remarkable game! Briefly, what you can expect are Multipliers, Victory Bonus, fight bonus, epic bonus spins, and many more.

I don't have to explain you anymore about the South Park series. However, this is the South Park videos slot that is highlighted. Last September 2013, the Netent launched a South Park based video slot. The key characters: Kenny, Cartman, Stan and Kyle have their own role to play. That was last year. Now, South Park fans can expect for another fun South Park video slot. But this time, it is called as "South Park: Reel Chaos".

The Main Game

For those who are familiar with previous South Park video slot, they will also get familiar with this as it is the sequel to the video slot. That means you will meet again with such funny characters with original sounds and graphics which represent the real town of South park. But unlike in the series, this time those characters would be your superheroes. Dunno this is good news or not. But what I can tell you is that you will experience a lot of chaos, and also some extra features.

While playing this game, you will see South Park's superheroes with nice roles. The game will allow you load your favorite character, bonus spins and also the mini games.

It seems like the title suggests the game. When I saw the trailer, it shows me the real chaos and I can imagine on how fun we will play the game. It is a real ice-breaker! At the time the reels begin to role, the characters will challenge your patience all times. Their appearance will be such good consequences that will bring you a lot of bonus when playing the game.

What We Expect

When looking at the trailer, this sequel seems really promising. South Park: Reel Chaos will attract many gamers around the world. I do expect that this will bring different nuances for not just chaotic event felt by players, but also the bonuses and extra features. Most of South Park big gans probably can't wait until they meet their favorite character again since they have been enjoying the South Park video slot. This new video slot will be available on 23rd of October 2014.