New Evel Knievel themed online slot released

CORE Pushes the Limit with New Evel Knievel Slot

10 Apr, 2016 - 14:44 by johntang

CORE Gaming has pulled out all the stops for their impressive new online slot, Evel Knievel Road to Vegas. This is the second game from the British developer to feature the iconic 70s daredevil, building on the success of 2013's Evel Knievel.


This brand new, 25-lined video slot follows Evel as heads towards Las Vegas, site of some of his most famous stunts. Currently available at SkyVegas Casino, the maximum payout of the game is £250,000 with a theoretical return ceiling of 94.36%. It utilizes some of CORE's cutting-edge technology, including their particle engine and innovative HTML5 code for mobile devices.


During the game, you hang out with Evel as he camps by the side of the road on the way to Vegas while the bonus features remind us of his biggest stunts of all time such as the Wembley Stadium jump or the Snake River Canyon Skycycle stunt.


When at least three of five possible scatter bonus symbols appear on the reels, a spinner appears and the player randomly heads to any one of five bonus features. Memory Bank is a walk down memory lane as you randomly select pictures from Evel's scrapbook, learn about his career, and win prizes. The Skycycle bonus is 15 free spins, with Evel freezing certain symbols with his famous rocket car, while the To the Limit bonus revs up unlimited free spins till you come across a stop sign.


The most innovative bonuses include the Route 66 bonus where the player interacts with the screen in order to steer Evel through 10 road stunts to win prizes. The most thrilling bonus is Jump for Glory, where you breathlessly watch to see if Evel can pull off his famous Wembley Stadium jump, if he does you win huge.


One other way that players can really win big is through the random 'second bonus' feature, where after certain spins Evel stands up and heads over to the reels. He either taps the reels and sets them spinning again or fires up his trademark pyrotechnics to convert the reels to wild symbols.