Get Your Jackpot with Progressive Slots to Win the Game

29 Sep, 2014 - 16:04 by johntang

Sup, folks! Hereby I’d like to share few tricks to increase your payout of progressive jackpot! This article is about how to play to win, the strategies are made of the experts. I’d just restate them  all specially for you.

The tricks would involve progressive slots.

What Are Progressive slots?

There is a difference between progressive and regular. They are called as progressive since with every bet conducted (does not matter it is big or small), the amount of money is increasing until the gamer wins the jackpot. That is what is called by progressive. In progressive slots, the gamer will win by obtaining a combination of 5 of the most remarkable symbols on a slot machine. Once the winner is announced, the jackpot would be originated to the fixed amount. With such a huge payouts, no wonder that thousands of slots players would be participating on the game.

Aside from how they work, progressive slots are actually the same with regular slots. The machines start with fixed amount, but this will be progressing with each bet conducted on the game.

Most of progressive slot machines are part of a network, no wonder that the bonus is quite higher than any other slot machine. The total amount of the jackpot is contributed by the people in the network. When a person wins the game, that means he or she has hit the jackpot from which all the slot machines in the network had contributed.

With such massive amount of money, experts recommend certain tips as follows:

  • Be ready for betting a lot of money: Don’t pay less than the max. credits required or you will never win the game
  • Acknowledge the pay system of the game
  • Be endurable as long as you can. It perhaps take a while to hit the jackpot. But once you obtain it, it will all be worth the time and effort
  • Since you are risking your money, why not choose the highest jackpot game?




The Must Have Instructions


Pay a visit to the progressive slots service such as Money Train. This site is a good resource to let you know the current status of the former progressive jackpot games on the internet.


As mentioned before, since it is high-risk game, you need to maximize the game result. Play the game with maximum coins for increasing chance to win. Hopefully you will get the jackpot.


There are a lot of progressive jackpot games that you can choose. However, based on the experts experience, the ones that work are the jackpot game that is due.


Taken from the listen online casinos source, you can choose from them. Those which host the progressive slot game can be perfect pick.

That’s all what I want to share. Hope it will be useful for all!