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How to play Slots Machine

17 Oct, 2014 - 17:40 by johntang

Have you ever played slots? Slots are a coin based casino game. In this game, gamer tries their fortune to spin button to activate the spinning of 3 or more reels.

The main objective of this game is to match up the same symbols or certain symbols that represent the winning point. Those will make you win most money. The game is pure fortune kind. So if you are lucky enough, you probably will have your prize in no time. Slots are powered by RNG – random number generator. This directly give the same chance between all players. For instance, slots requires no skill. No matter how big is your experience in casino like games, everybody can do it. It is a pure luck. Slots are believed to be one of the most addictive casino games due to its easy level difficulty.

Here are 4 easy steps to play the game:

  1. Choosing the slots game
  2. Acknowledging the purchase table
  3. Have a bet
  4. Funds and winnings withdrawal

 Special Skills or Knowledge Required in Advance: Literally none!  Just make sure that you are lucky enough this day and have some coins in your pocket.

Brief Instructions

I would make this as brief as possible.


There are basically 2 main slots games categories: straight and progressive. Straight slot refers to slots game that have fixed amount of prize, while progressive slots refer to several slot machines are in the same network so that the jackpot will be accumulated to grow according to the folks who bet their money.

There are some kinds of slots: classic slots, 5 reel slots, multi payline slots, multi spin, and fruit machine. Each game has its rules and things. You need to choose one which matches your desire.


Step two: you need to learn pay table. This is the important information you need to read in advance betting your money. The pay table explains the users what symbol combinations that are needed in order to win the prize, how much money for each symbol, and how many coins to insert in order to claim the rewards. The minimum bet is as usual, $1. Speaking of which, the more coins you gamble for each spinning phase, the more the chance you will be paid.


This is the easy thing. Make your bet. In most cases, people use $1, $3,$5, or $10 to wager their coins. If you want to change the amount of coins, just opt on another amount.


Slots can be very long game if you have many coins. But when you are ready to stop, it is crucial to make sure that you’ve received all the remaining funds and winnings.

Special Tips

  1. Don’t use the same amount for your bet. Change it periodically.
  2. By playing on maximum bet, you will more likely increase your chance to win the biggest prize.


If you don’t receive any cash after 3-5 max. coin spins, time to change the game. Don’t use the same game which doesn’t give you any cash.