Important! Deposit in Gambling Sites Using Ukash

04 Sep, 2015 - 15:21 by nancyluong

Are you familiar with Ukash payment method? Those who are regularly using Ukash payment method should pay more attention since there are some news need to be considered before using this payment tool to deposit certain amount of money at their favorite online casinos. If you are into this, it is important to read and perhaps it will affect your future deposits.

Ukash has been acquired by Paysafecard and Skrill. It was done for the good reason. The recent development is the prominent point to inform you that Skrill and Paysafecard have acquired it. Rather than third opinion, this decision is made for business purpose. The business decision might be surprising for you but you at least acknowledge that this is the best decision made by the developer. Replacing Ukash with Paysafecard does not mean the end for the Ukash holders. Paysafecard is one of the most reputable payment methods which offer tons of advantages. And you don’t have to worry since you are still able to deposit to any online casino which accept both payment methods.

The takeover is intended to be done from 31st October 2015. Ukash will be acquired by them completely. All the online redemption will also stop.

I know that it seems to be awkward since you have been using Ukash for a while. But let me tell you that you can rest assured since Paysafecard is currently at the same market as Ukash. They share similar distributors in all aspects. This means that Paysafecard will take over. But player can use Paysafecard voucher. It is not hard to conduct the activity. You will not spend minutes to adapt with the new payment method. You will be able to deposit your money to your favorite online casinos by simply using Paysafecard instead of Ukash. Those who love Ukash will also love Paysafecard since they share the same functions and features.

Yes, Indeed. The way Paysafecard works is the same with Ukash. When you choose the deposit method, you will be redirected to verification page in which you need to input 16 digits number on your voucher. You can just simply purchase the voucher and fill your wallet with it. The procedure is also similar with Ukash’s. The denominations followed in the Paysafecard are £10, £25, £50, £75 or £100. You can get all of these no matter where you are. The vouchers are distributed around the world at over 500k stalls.


So, keep in mind that you can use Ukash until 31st October 2015. So use your Ukash voucher with your own discretion.