The Chase will appear in online slot machines

ITV's The Chase Coming to Casino Games

22 May, 2016 - 10:55 by johntang

The UK's hit show, 'The Chase' is finally making the move into the gaming world. ITV, the British TV network which produces and airs the popular afternoon quiz show, has signed a licensing agreement with Storm Gaming Technology (SGT) to allow them to use the show's theme as a base for both land-based and online gambling products.

Storm Gaming Technology is a British gaming company which creates both land-based gaming cabinets and online casino games, including slots and table game variations. SGT has secured the rights to great 'The Chase' themed games in any genre; this includes online gaming products, as well as land-based cabinet machines. In the press release, SGT stated that they would pursue both AWP and SWP games centered around the show. 

Managing director of SGT, Richard Sheldon, expressed that the company already has some specific ideas in mind for certain games. He also stated that, “The Chase is a superb brand and the start of what we are confident will be a great relationship with ITV.”

'The Chase' is currently in its 10th season on ITV, and remains one of the most popular afternoon shows in the United Kingdom. On the show, hosted by Bradley Walsh, a team of four contestants competes together in an attempt to win money while avoiding being chased down by professional quizzers known as 'chasers'.

Instead of pitting the four players against each other, they must work together to try and earn as much money as possible. They must first initially try to build up a bank of prize money by individually answering more questions than one of the chasers. Then, in the final round the team works together to attempt to again answer more questions than the chaser and collectively take home the prize money.