Michigan Online Gambling Law Approved - Choosing legal over illegal

Michigan Online Gambling Approved by Lawmakers

15 Jun, 2018 - 15:45 by johntang

Michigan online gambling was recently approved by the state’s lawmakers and will result in the creation of a Lawful Internet Gaming Act. This means residents of the U.S. state will soon be able to legitimately gamble online via desktop and mobile phones.

The online gambling bill was approved after a 68-40 vote in favor of regulating versions of licensed casino games. Before the law comes into effect, it will require the support of the senate and with then need to be signed off by the Michigan Governor.

Under the new law, anyone aged 21 years and older will be eligible to engage in online gambling via the state’s existing casinos. Online gambling licenses would be issued by the newly introduced Division of Internet Gaming that will be introduced within the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Casinos that wish to take part will be required to pay a $100,000 application fee and then an additional $200,000 for the initial licence, followed by $100,000 per year to maintain the license thereafter. Additionally, all casinos holding a license will reportedly be subject to an 8% tax on gross gaming turnover.

“People in Michigan are already gambling over the internet, but they are doing so at risk and illegal websites,” stated Representative Brandt Iden.

“The Michigan websites will have strict state oversight, unlike the illegal and unregulated sites our residents use now, at great risk to their finances and personal information,” he added further

The new Michigan online gambling law will see the state join others in America where online gambling is already leagal, including Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Other states are also considering legalizing internet gambling, including New York, Massachusettls, New Hampshire and West Virginia.