Netherlands' 20% Tax for Online Casino and Nearly Third Time for Land-Based Ones

21 Aug, 2014 - 13:57 by nancyluong

A shocking news! Back to last month, July 2014, Online gambling operators must acquiesce Government new policy that perhaps incrimates them in the future. The terrifying new policy is that 20% gross revenue tax is applied on online gambling operators. That means land-based casinos will pay nearly third extra. The good news is that it is still in the voting of parliament law. There is still a chance to make some amandments. So, let's take a look to the news.

An attorney of Gaming legal, Bas Jongmans, has stated out against the tax proposal. He complained that it would be third lower than tax conducted by land-based casinos.

There is obviously a huge gap between online and land-based casino. Bas Jongmans spoke out about his sanction of the situation. Using his time on August interview, there was a bit fishy suspection. At the bottom of his heart, he argued that foreign operators have used their power to affect the Netherlands' government. Jongmans believes that the new tax proposed will only corner land-based operators.

It is more likely that land-based casinos are his center of attention. In earlier, Jongmans explained that he had been representing land-based casino operators for roughly 8 years. Frankly speaking, he believes that land-based casinos are discriminated by current government. He strongly argued that domestic investment is the important existence for the country. So it deserved better position than online casino.

Of course the new proposed tax drawn a lot of reaction. Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Unibet, had uttered his expectation for 10% tax for online casinos operators. That happened before government announcement. However, as explained before, the tax on gross revenue is going to be double. Of course he will have been disappointed with the judgement.

How about the bill? Like uttered before, it is still waiting to be voted by parliament. Some amandments may be made when the Netherlands politicians have considered the components of the bill. However, Jongmans does not believe that the amandments will make the bill changing significantly. But he believes this, online market is going to have minimum appeal while the land-based one will still suffer.

Players from Netherlands' residence should consider this as a tad big piece of the land-based casinos' future in the country. But above all, operators can wait and hope the best thing that may be the best result. Though it may seem not possible to get a win-win solution, let's hope all who involve in Casino world would never loss their passion.