New Tech Could Help Make Online Gambling Safer

12 Nov, 2015 - 10:36 by johntang

Reputable online casinos support and encourage responsible gaming, but some online gamblers need more than this support to help them recognize and avoid addiction. However, a new software has been developed that can detect the early warning signs of addictive gambling behaviors and help people take part in gambling responsibly.

The software can reportedly tell precisely when the player begins to exhibit signs of problem gambling, giving casinos the power to take control of the situation before it becomes out of hand.  For instance, the software provides the online casinos with information on gambling patterns of players. If there is a problem, the casino can take action by deciding not to send players marketing material for a while or even alerting players to a potential problem.

The software was created by City University London in association with Bet Buddy, a software analytics company. The system has been designed to continuously take data from all players to understand the psychological pathways to gambling addiction.

According to Dr. Artur Gracez of City University London, the system “enables customers to use online gambling platforms more securely and responsibly.”

Currently, the new software is being used at leading online casinos like Mr. Green Casino, bet365 Casino and Gaming Club Casino.