Online Gambling in Apple Watch - Is It Possible?

15 Aug, 2015 - 02:42 by nancyluong

Have you been wondering that the Apple Watch can be the next device to support online gambling? If you have ever thought about that, then you are not alone. The reason is crystal clear. Though no companies have yet to offer this idea, gamblers who have Apple Watch will find it interesting to play the slots with just a few taps on the wrist. And if we are lucky enough, this idea will be realized in just few months.

The Apple Watch comes in three basic varieties: regular Watch, Sport Watch, and the luxury-style Watch. The editions are now available on big retailers such Amazon and Ebay. Though they are made for different purposes, they are all equipped with the same remarkable OS which allows the users to get the full access to all the Apple apps. Regardless to the features, Apple Watch is the first product from Apple which is wearable.

Apple Watch is purposely designed for most folks with the necessity for features found in traditional watch combined with sophisticated technology which is distinct from any other developer. And the best thing of it is that all the users can access the most popular apps like Mail, Passbook, Music, Messages, Weather, etc. More importantly, other parties can develop their app in this device. Alright, you have heard about “third party” thing. This statement has actually answered the question. Yes, it is really possible that third parties will make this device compatible with online gambling.

There is a good reason why it has big possibility. The gaming companies will be able to design their apps by using WatchKit SDK. So it does not matter if Apple Watch does not support HTML5 format since this field has been covered already. This increases the chance for casinos gaming platform to produce the game designed. Those who want to gamble anywhere, and just operate their slot on their wrist will not be dreaming anymore. This can happen in months.

Alright, that sounds good. But here is the thing. Though the casino gaming companies can make it happen, it is unclear about the scale and size of the demands. It is still too early to decide whether this will happen or not. Though a lot of folks hope the casino games will reach Apple Watch soon, there is no single company proposes this idea.

Well, the basic reason is that the uncertain outcome of the market. It is unclear whether there is enough demand for Apple Watch to gain promising status so that gaming companies will spread their wings on the device. Regardless with this speculation, let’s wait and see.