The player from Canada hit $113K Huge Jackpot

19 Aug, 2014 - 03:38 by johntang

There is a big news, big money, big jackpot. Who is the lucky who wins $113 Jackpot?

His name is DH. As taken from PORWIN, DH told happy story about him winning $113k Jackpot, such a huge win. He also shared some of enlighment of 12 years casino experience.

DH is an experienced casino gamblers coming from Canada. 12 years of experiences has built his full sense of the casino world. Over more than a decade, DH claims that he had played in over 30 online casinos. Sometimes he plays in several sites on daily basis.

He is currently a loyal member of Canadian themed Maple Casino. He said, "I know it had a lot to do with Maple being a Canadian-themed casino." And he just told the story about his $113,960 Jackpot Winning.

DH is enamoured slots player. He has been enjoying play certain games with Maple Casino's. Collection. Can you guess how many slots he'd played? 300!

He of course has his own standard to value slots game. Solid game features are the crucial point. He limits his slot range between $0.90 and $7.50.

So, what is the secret? DH did not claim that he has any secret or so. However, he could give some tips to other players.

PORWIN has asked DH for a tip or two for slots players who are looking to achieve the same chance. Slots are not the exact stuff. There are some ways in which one can be standing up in the game. DH emphasized the personal playing style. Quoted from his saying "I base my choices on games I like but do tend to prefer ones with a larger number of paylines and features that can reward me with larger payouts for a smaller wager (under $3 a spin)". Choosing and sticking with a slots playing style is the successful key to gain profit from time to time.

VIP club member is where DH become a solid player in Maple Casino. DH told that VIP experience made him as dedicated player in Maple Casino since it gives a lot of benefits. DH also was satisfied with the supporting customer service that served him the whole. Time. Speaking of which, he was quite exciting with his experience with the staffs.

DH has been experiencing the greatest thing in his life. Being casino player with such huge income. Thus, we can learn something about this inspiring story. This is a hope and motivation. His 12 years dedication toward the game may push everyone else to do the same thing, or even better! Wish you luck, DH!