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Pre-Commitment Contract in Australia Signed by Intralot Gaming Service

28 Aug, 2014 - 14:20 by nancyluong

Recently Intralot made its decision. Intralot Gaming Services, as respective, announced that they have signed a contract in Australia with Victorian State Government. This contract is about the thirty thousands EGM – Electronic Gaming Machines pre-commitment scheme across the state. It has been said Melbourne casino is included on the contract also.

Some sort of commitment is considered  to be a state-of-the-art and world most prominent in responsible gaming goals. The pre-commitment will be optionally for players, and may obligatory to be delivered on all gaming fitness machines operating in Victoria. Time and management limits on any Electronic Gaming Machine can always be set by the players and they will always have privilege access to their personal information.

In September last year, the pair parties was making the agreement. That is the consequences of the intense negotiation. The settlement would be operated from 2015 to 2027. The action would be maintained by Intralot with the particular new systems being loaded during the couse of period of time.

Mr. Edward O' Donohue MLC, the Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation stated that The Victorian Coalition Government welcomed the agreement. It surely reflects that they are looking forward for the project continuation with IGS to deliver a world leading voluntary pre-commitment system for players in Victoria.

Similar opinion has been spoken by Mr. John pantoleon, the INTRALOT Group Chief Operating Officer. He commented that he was very pleased to work together with the State.

And here is another INTRALOT Person, Mr. Steve Wooding as Chief Operating Officer, statement, "We are very satisfied to conclude this agreement with the government of Victoria. The Pre-commitment scheme is another example of INTRALOT’s innovative technology and dedication to the principles of Responsible Gaming.”

So, how the Pre-Commitment Work?

With our limited source, we can take a bottom line. A "player card" will be granted by players who register under the pre-commitment scheme. This card can be used to store personal information of gaming activities, and to apply specified time or net loss limits.

This literally solve the problem for those who want to use self-service kiosk located in many gaming venues. The Electronic Gaming Machine will identify the players statistics such as gaming track, activities, and pre-commitment limits.

Players can use this feature to set their game by using the limit. They can also access gaming activities at any gaming venue incorporated with pre-commitment system.


Venue operators will ensure that their gaming machines installed are compatible with the system. This will be expensive process and it is assured that the venues will bear the costs. However, let's just look at the effectiveness of the pre-commitment system.