Remarkable Bitcoin in Online Gambling

06 Oct, 2014 - 15:37 by nancyluong

How far and deep you know about Bitcoin? More specifically, have you ever used Bitcoin for gambling? Many people are still convenient to use their common payment currency methods. But with the commencing of the new sites that offer Bitcoin as payment method, it can be a new chapter for every gamer on earth offered to put their money on wager.

You may not realize it. Bitcoin holds very important role nowadays in gambling world. Bitcoin can be the savior of online gambling industry since recently it has been struggling with other certain payment methods.

Restrictions on Payment Method

Payment methods are proved to be the real deal that has been interrupting issue for some gambling jurisdictions. Many players on certain states experience some problems when they are about to fund their accounts since their government forbid them to use local bank-processed payments for betting. Some regulating in states as examples: Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. That could be the reason why US online gambling market seems to be slow in making its impact.

Bitcoins is Demanded

In fact, Bitcoins is demanded in the market. In several countries that host the casino games sites, bitcoin is the perfect payment solution to offer. One of the living proofs is the SoftSwiss, online casino software company, that entrust bitcoin as one of the best payment methods.  This company has granted about four hundreds requests for the launch of bitcoin purposed casinos. Ivan Montik confirmed this as the CEO of the company. He stated that those who use bitcoin do not hesitate to put a lot of money. On one of its client website, there are some single wagers reaching 200 up to 400 BTC. That is amazing amount of money! The Soft Swiss company has revealed such incredible information about the amount of bitcoins wagered on all the sites operating its platform. 10m per month! Surprised?

Bitcoin – Is It the answer?


The advancement of bitcoin cannot be put aside. When it becomes the mainstream in online gaming payment method, it could be the answer to solve payment issues. Though not all people use this, the speed of payouts and security can be taken into considered by online casino gamers. Bitcoin is the current world’s front runner in the Crypto Currency market. More and more casino sites accept the method. Though some are not truly interested in currency with any value can be created from zero, this can make a good impact for casino world when the government cannot touch it. So, should you buy Bitcoin?