Wunderino Mobile App is Unique in the iGaming Industry

27 Jul, 2017 - 03:02 by johntang

New and unique features have been added to the Wunderino mobile app. They're so unique, in fact, that Wunderino Casino claims that they are an industry-first!

The new features that have been included in the mobile application, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad, help to enhance user experience.

Two of the notable features include allowing players to view tournament leaderboards  and accessing their loyalty progress at any time when they use the app. This means, even if they are playing a game, they can check this data while the game remains loaded in the background.

Another incredible feature mobile players will no doubt love is the option to make quick deposits. Transferring funds fast means they can keep playing the games they love, conveniently.

According to Tobias Carlsson, Wunderino CEO, the Malta-based operator is confident that the new app features will be well received by players because - as previously stated above - players will be able to use these new features of the app while the game they're playing is still loaded in the background. This means they don't have to take unnecessary steps to get back to playing; the whole purpose they are there in the first place.

Carlsson stated that the release of the new Wunderino mobile app features are "in line with our strive to be the market leader in terms of mobile user experience within the iGaming industry.”